Concrete Block

Concrete Block


Concrete Block

Hollow Block:

90mm Thick

Size: (390x190x90)mm

Coverage: 113 nos/ 100 sft

100mm Thick

Size: (390x190x100)mm

Coverage: 113 nos/ 100 sft

140mm Thick

Size: (390x190x100)mm

Coverage: 113 nos/ 100 sft






Cube Block

Size: (300x300x300) mm      

Coverage: 100 nos/ 100 sft





Curb-1: Size: (350x340x150) mm

K-1: Size: (550x380x150/75) mm

K-3: Size: (600x300x100/60) mm

K-6: Size: (400x500x120/65) mm

K-6: Size: (450x250x120/65) mm






Double Interlock Block

Size: (200x100/165x100) mm      

Coverage: 315 nos/ 100 sft





Uni-Pavers Block


Coverage: 365 nos/ 100 sft


Hexagonal Block

Size: (300x150x60) mm       

Coverage: 165 nos/ 100 sft



Rectangular Pavers Block

Size: (200x100x100) mm      

Coverage: 450 nos/ 100 sft


Pavement Tiles

Size: (300x300) mm





About Concrete Block

In today’s world, our economy is growing very fast; along with these things, we need to move forward and make ourselves capable to cope with this growing economy. In our county, men and women are working all together to raise our GDP level. And, you might be highly delighted to know day by day, our economy is growing. Our standard life level is also growing. In this growing economic situation, our socio-economic condition, roads, infrastructure should need to develop broadly. When we would like to go for making or developing infrastructure, then we need several building construction materials such as concrete block, cement, rod & water, etc. 

Concrete Block Price in Bangladesh


Proudly, we are delighted to say at present our country is manufacturing world-class standard concrete blocks in their factory. Undoubtedly, the price is reasonable. It is an eco-friendly than traditional clay brick. Concrete block price varies in sizes, types, and patterns.

Concrete Block Manufacturers in Bangladesh

Now, in this portion, we will know about some renowned concrete block manufactures company names in Bangladesh. These are as follows:


  1. PDL Concrete Block
  2. Mir Concrete Products Ltd. 
  3. Building Technology & Ideas Ltd. 
  4. RS Concrete Blocks Ltd. 
  5. Eco Blocks Ltd. 
  6. Manikgonj Concrete Block Manufacturing
  7. NSR Hollow block Construction Company
  8. Concrete Blocks (Sun Shing Group) 
  9. Master Concrete Block Manufacturing

Concrete Block Factory in Bangladesh

Here’s we will know the concrete block factory location at several places in Bangladesh. Hope it will help to minimize your hassle to order concrete block according to your requirement. Sometimes, due to not knowing the exact factory location, we have to order them at a very high price. Some vendors are trying to take advantage. But our commitment is to provide quality concrete blocks at your doors at a reasonable price. Let’s know some renowned factory addresses of Bangladesh at a glance:- 


  1. PDL Concrete Block (Property Development Limited)

(Patira, Khilkhet, Dhaka)

  1. Seven Circle Bangladesh Ltd. (Sun Shing Group)

(Kaligonj, Gazipur, Dhaka) 


  1. Building Technology & Ideas Ltd.

            (Shombag Union, Joypara, Dhamrai, Manikgonj) 


  1. Master Concrete Block Manufacturing

           (Narayanpur, Belabo, Narsingdi) 

Concrete Block Types

Already many of us know, concrete blocks have been using worldwide for more than half a century. People are highly interested in building their dream due to minimal cost and longevity. Bangladesh has used it for few decades. Day to day, it’s become highly demanding on several construction-based works. Luckily, it saves time, labor, and power rather than other’s traditional concrete. Have a look at several concrete blocks which are used in Bangladesh as follows:- 


  1. Hollow Block 
  2. Solid Block 
  3. Pavers Block 
  4. Uni-Pavers Block
  5. Hexagonal Block
  6. Curbstone Block
  7. Saucer Drain Block
  8. Embankment Protection Block 

Concrete Block Making Process

The machine-to-machine concrete block-making process and raw materials could be different. And the processing time could be different too. The primary raw materials of concrete making are cement, concrete, fly ash, slag, cinder, etc. 

Concrete Block Making Machine

In our day-to-day life, we are experiencing more demand & need in the construction sector. We need to get more output within a short time. As a result, we need to boost our productivity at all levels. So, we need to rely on a machine. By this time, concrete plays a vital role in our country’s construction sector. The proper selection of concrete block-making machines will save both your raw materials costs and time, respectively. 

Concrete Block Size

Great, already we know the concrete block is playing an essential role in our country’s construction sector. Based on individual needs, the concrete block size could be different, and even prices also are different according to sizes.

Concrete Block Suppliers

You would be highly delighted to know; now, so many concrete block suppliers are in Bangladesh. And they are manufacturing world-class concrete blocks at their factories based on local market demand. To meet our local market demand and need we have to import plenty of concrete making raw materials in our country.  

In this growing economic situation still, now we have to rely on the international market to get concrete making raw materials. If raw materials price is raised in the international market, then the local market could be infatuated sometimes; otherwise, prices remain the same as usual. Now, it’s a matter of hope; some of the local companies are trying to manufacture concrete-making raw materials at their factories.  

About Hollow Block:

In hollowing, the hollow space blocks permit the masonry to have excellent insulation properties against the sound of heat as well as moisture. Because blocks are precast their surface is smoother and consequently, it requires lesser plastering material. Hollow blocks are utilized to construct high-rise residential homes as well as boundary walls, market premises, office buildings and hospitals, hotels, and more. They are also more affordable than traditional methods such as concrete blocks made of solid material and clay brick.

There are various sizes and types of hollow blocks. The price of hollow blocks also differs depending on the block size.