Deep Tube Well Construction

Deep Tube Well Construction

Why you will prefer PDL Deep Tube Well construction service?

·         Experienced in working with 4-18 inch Big Diameter Deep Tube well Work.

·         In house experience design & implantation team.

·         Equipped with 5 nos. automatic truck mountain & 4 nos. semi-automatic drilling machine & others related support equipment.

·         Use of quality pipe, submersible pump and fittings.

·         More than 200 Deep Tube Well (DTW) for DWASA.

·         More than 200 Deep Tube Well in Private Sector.

·         Experienced in highest depth (501 meter) of DTW drilling & installation with PVC pipe in Banani under DWASA-WOP.

·         More than 50 Deep Tube Well under department of public health engineering in different municipality of Bangladesh.

·         Completed different area ground water study /investigation with institute of water modeling.

·         Team with 15 Engineers 3 Hydro-Geologist & 150 technical staffs.

PDL Deep Tube Well Construction Service Includes:

·         Site clearance and digging of drilling pit/vat cutting

·         Set the vertical drilling rig

·         Continuous drilling operation up to the bottom of the target depth

·         Sediment sample collection, sieve analysis, Geophysical logging

·         Fixture installation

·         Gravel packing

·         Well development

·         Development by compressed air

·         Washing dispersant and chlorination

·         Development by high velocity water jetting

·         Pump testing

·         Disinfection

·         Clean up

·         Well head installation

·         Connection of delivery line to the network

Some Development Partners of Deep Tube Well Construction Service:

·         Dhaka Water Supply & Sanitation Authority (DWASA)

·         Chittagong Water Supply & Sanitation Authority (CWASA)

·         Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation(BADC)

·         Barind Multipurpose Development Authority(BMDA)

·         Public Works Development(PWD)

·         Department of Public Health Engineering(DPHE)

·         Educational Engineering Department(EED)

·         Bangladesh Army(SWO) &

·         Private Sector